Sunday, March 26, 2006

Looking for a new phone

Sadly, my cell phone, the trusty Sanyo SPC-4700 is dying. It was never pretty or slim, but it had a speaker phone and was very reliable. Recently, it's been turning off for no reason, sometimes when I'm in the middle of the call. It drops calls, has bad reception, etc. It's just old.

So I'm ready to let it retire. I tell Andy and he says, "You know how I feel about phones."

"They should make calls?"

"Nothing fancy."

Oh, but I wants fancy I do.

Andy only wants a phone that makes calls. I would really like a cool little phone that people won'tlaugh at when i take it outo f my purse. Is that so much? And yes, my co-worker Jule has laughed at the size of my aging cell phone relic.

I'm in love with this one. It's so cool. I totally don't need it, but it's sweet.

And then there's this one. I start to tell Andy about and he wants to know why I have a whistful tone in my voice like I'm talking about a My Little Pony. "Because it's pretty," I say. "And I'll feed it electricity and it'll poop ringtones."

I'll probably get the cool blue one. Propably. I'm still looking for one in pink. That'd be sweet.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

so tired

I've been meaning to blog for ages now. I had so many things I wrote it down on a sticky so I wouldn't forget but I left that at work.

First off, Andy got re-hired! Cool. Same job, same pay, same everything. Being unemployed sucks so I'm glad we could avoid it.

Secondly, we got laptops at work. I have mixed feelings about the laptops. Sure, they take up less space on the desk, but the screens are so small. I have a hard time reading the teeny-tiny type on the database. And there's no internet. So that just put me in a grumpy disposition anyway.

And I'm so tired. Jule and I have been working extra hard in the office. The New Guy is now the Former Guy. He came and went so quickly I don't think we got a chance to break him in. He was with us for nearly six months. So we've been trying to catch up all the cases he never seemed to find the time to visit or the paper work to do...You see where I'm going. The New Guy couldn't handle the fast pace of everything we have to do, leaves, and now Jule and I must, in addition to our own cases, clean up his mess. I'm tired. I can't wait for the New New Person.

Okay, that's all I got toay.